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  • The American Anime Otaku Episode 89- Live Action Fist of the North StarHaving to review another Live action adaptation of an anime or manga franchise by Hollywood has turned The American Anime Otaku into a real snob!
  •  The American Anime Otaku Episode 88- Akikan!Jeez, talk about an anime that really needs to be canned.
  • Interview with Vic MignognaFinally after many attempts, here is my interview with anime voice acting legend Vic Mignogna!
  •  The American Anime Otaku Episode 87- Pokemon The First MovieBehold!, the first of the seemingly endless stream of Pokemon theatrical films. How does the original movie measure up viewing it as an adult?
The American Anime Otaku Episode 89- Live Action Fist of the North Star1  The American Anime Otaku Episode 88- Akikan!2 Interview with Vic Mignogna3  The American Anime Otaku Episode 87- Pokemon The First Movie4
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Welcome to the American Anime Otaku's homepage! I watch and review anime in the style of the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic! However, I don't limit myself by only reviewing bad anime. In fact, you will see some of my all time favorite shows being lampooned. I will be adding a new review every other week, So check in every other weekend or so for a new episode!

I also enjoy playing around with my editing software, so also keep an eye out for short remixes and skits.

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Behold! Another live action film adaptation from Hollywood, Fist of the North Star!





Interview With Vic Mignogna



Pokemon The First Movie



GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack






Sailor Moon Super S The Movie



First Impressions: Wizzard Barristers



Sailor Moon S The Movie



First Impressions: Space Dandy



Sailor Moon R The Movie





I am happy to announce that I am ready to take requests and recomendations for anime you would like me to review. If I currently own it or if I can rent it at my local video store, I'll eventually review it depending on my schedule. However, there are a few rules:

1. It must not be a hentai title. I absolutely refuse to review hentai so don't ask me.

2. It must be available in the United States. I will not review imports or fansubs for obvious legal reasons.

3. I must have a physical copy of the anime requested in my possesion. I plan on taking donations sometime down the line, but as of right now, those rules stand.

Send me your requests at: